Envisioning a Renewed WTO

The broader trade environment is undergoing fundamental shifts. We are witnessing the threat of growing protectionism and heightened trade tensions. Technological advances are transforming the way we produce, deliver, and consume goods and services in ways never imagined. The Covid-19 crisis is challenging the WTO’s purpose of ensuring the smooth flow of goods and services.

Indeed, the WTO is at a crossroads. If I have the privilege of serving as the new
Director-General, I will be at the forefront to help Members generate the political
energy to restore trust in the multilateral trade system by making the WTO more
relevant, resilient, and responsive.



I will bring my vision and a firm commitment to the multilateral trading system, along
with my experience and expertise, to act as an effective, trusted, and informed facilitator and
make a positive difference at this critical moment for the WTO.